Andrew Smith, M.D., Ph.D



Imaging Experience: Cardiovascular, Molecular, Musculoskeletal, Oncologic, Miscellaneous


Subspecialty Training:

  • A bdominal and Oncologic Imaging

  • CTA Thoracic Aorta

  • CTA Abdominal Aorta

  • CTA Runoff

  • MRA Chest

  • Abdomen or Pelvis

  • X-Ray Joints and Hardware

  • X-Ray Spine and Hardware

  • X-Ray Scoliosis and Hardware

  • DXA Bone Density

  • CT Joints and Hardware

  • CT Spine and Hardware

  • CT Spine and Hardware

  • CT Scoliosis and Hardware

  • CT CAP Cancer or Lyphoma

  • CT Neck Lymphoma

  • CT Neck Primary H&N Cancer

  • CT Colonography

  • MRI Chest



  • PET Other Tracers Advanced

  • Nucs Bone Scan

  • Nucs Somatostatin Scan

  • CT Pulmonary Fibrosis Emphysema

  • CT Chest General

  • CT Abdomen/Pelvis General

  • Ultrasound General

  • Ultrasound Elastography

  • MR Elastography

  • MRI Liver Iron Quantification

  • CT/MRI Fat Quantification

Institution: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Department / Division(s): Radiology / Abdominal Imaging and Research

Institutional Roles: Associate Professor, Vice Chair of Clinical Research, Director of Tumor Metrics

Clinical and Research Interests: Oncologic imaging, metastatic tumor response, quantitative CT imaging biomarker development and validation, primary and metastatic RCC evaluation, aortic device imaging evaluation, musculoskeletal hardware evaluation, chronic liver disease evaluation.

ABR Certification: Yes

If you are interested in hiring this professional for your research project, contact us by email or call 205-573-3331.

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