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Radiostics has access to the highly innovative imaging software that is specifically designed to reduce errors and improve quality and efficiency in clinical trials with imaging end points. These innovative developments and more are available to Radiostics through a joint development agreement with eRadioMetrics.

eMASS Imaging Software from eRadioMetrics

The Problem: In oncologic clinical trials, assessment of tumor response is difficult and requires multiple detailed steps and extensive documentation that must adhere to strict criteria and FDA regulations. 


The Solution: eMASS™ is advanced image processing software designed to improve tumor response evaluation in clinical trials and clinical practice. Applicable to all solid tumors and lymphoma, eMASS improves image assessment efficiency and accuracy, a benefit to the oncologist and patient.

How does it work? eMASS walks the radiologist through tumor response assessment. Errors are identified in real time and corrected before moving to the next step. Multiple steps are automated to reduce errors and improve efficiency. All tumor metrics are automatically extracted from the images and recorded. All calculations and tumor response are automated. A summary report containing key images, graphs, and tables with quantitative tumor metrics is instantly generated for display to the oncologist and patient.

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What can eMASS measure? eMASS automatically extracts tumor metrics from regions of interest placed by our expert radiologists. More specifically, eMASS measures tumor length (long and short axis), area, mean attenuation, the Vascular Tumor Burden (VTB = amount of vascularized tumor), Necrotic Tumor Burden (NTB = amount of necrotic tumor), and a wide variety of CT histogram and texture parameters.

And yes, we can also measure tumor volume with eMASS.

Two published studies on this technology:

What is unique about eMASS? eMASS does more than just reduce errors, improve efficiency, and provide longitudinal data. We have found new ways to improve inter-observer agreement and have developed a validated new quantitative imaging biomarkers, such as the vascular tumor burden (VTB) and necrotic tumor burden (NTB).


We are also incorporating artificial intelligence (machine learning) into eMASS. 

Is eMASS validated? eMASS is the only computer-assisted tumor response evaluation (CARE) software algorithm that has been validated in a multi-institutional comparative effectiveness study.


ePET is complimentary to eMASS and is currently under development. ePET is designed to facilitate evaluation of FDG PET CT/MRI, optionally adheres to the rules of commonly used oncologic objective response criteria (e.g. PERCIST, Lugano, Deauville, etc.), capture a variety of PET metrics (e.g. SUV, SUL, MTB, TGV, etc.) and provides key images, graphs, and tables that display objective response and quantitative PET metrics. ePET is everything you like about eMASS as applied to FDG PET CT/MRI.

ePET Imaging Software from eRadioMetrics

eVasc is advanced CT image processing software designed to improve evaluation of aortic endovascular stent devices. eVasc walks the user through image evaluation, avoiding errors, improving efficiency, and ultimately providing useful reports for aortic device related clinical trials. eVasc is currently under development.

eVasc Imaging Software from eRadioMetrics

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