eTumorMetrics software improves accuracy, efficiency, and analytics in clinical trials and clinical care.

ePET™ Software for PET CT & MR Imaging

ePET™ is complimentary to eMASS™, utilizing computer-assisted tumor response evaluation. However, ePET™ will have the ability to fuse and evaluate PET CT and PET MR images.


  • Facilitates evaluation of FDG PET CT/MRI

  • Optionally adheres to the rules of commonly used oncologic objective response criteria (e.g. PERCIST, Lugano, Deauville, etc.)

  • Captures a variety of PET metrics (e.g. SUV, SUL, MTB, TGV, etc.)

  • Provides key images and graphs

  • Includes tables that display objective response and quantitative PET metrics

A commercial version of ePET™ is currently in design phase and will soon be under development and will undergo testing in preparation for FDA 510(k) clearance in 2019.


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